Death of Inthrail

Reward Edit

you gain +3 to appraise checks WHENEVER you are in this town.

Town: Mizzen Port
Culden Pirates defeated

The party emerges from the underground tunnels victorious. The town cheers as its heroes return from the orc den. The townspeople cannot thank you enough and the mayor gives you the damaged pirate ship as a reward saying “i am glad to finally be rid of this symbol of pain”.

The Party Gains the Following Boons:
Artists Favor: the dwarf blacksmith will make you 2 martial weapons under 50 gp for free
Merchants favor: The town merchant will give you a +5 to a single appraise check while in town
Merchants discount: the tavern keeper will let you stay in his inn for free

Town: Mizzen Port
The shoddy town

the party emerges from the jungle onto a beach. A couple miles away there is a small town. As you approach you see a very damaged ship at the docks and you notice that the town looks very beat up and dirty.

The Sewers

Your party woke up on the beach after the ship wreck. After escaping your chains you fled into the jungle to escape the slavers. After making your way to a city you went through the sewers. In the sewers you fended off a hoard of kobolds to get to the other side. You are on the road looking for a way to leave the island.

The Hydra

You are all on a slaver boat called The Hydra heading for the Tragon Islands. Some of you were soldiers, rushed out of training into the war to fight for your country but captured and kept as a prisoner. Some were taken by slavers when escaping from advancing armies. And some were felons, given to the slavers to make space in the over crowded jails. But you all have the same three things in common.You are hungry, cold, and terribly sea sick.

Back Story
im not a writer so... shut up

In Arcona there were many different countries and tensions ran high. Borders were disputed but it was relatively peaceful. There were no long standing wars and fighting rarely got close to civilians. But the leader of the Ordian people, Kazlek decided to capitalize on this and began several alliances with the nervous countries who were afraid of all out war and wanted to have a large military to protect them. As Ordia grew so did its army and more and more countries joined it until it was the largest country of all. Kazlek then died of old age and passed his throne on to his eldest son Inthrail. Inthrail wanted to take over all of Arcona so he sent out military groups disguised as different countries armies. They attacked military bases and burned cities to the ground. Soon all out war spread throughout the continent. Because of its huge size, Ordia easily took on country after country until it covered almost all of Arcona. Now Inthrail rules with an iron grip and no remaining country is strong enough to oppose him.


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