How Hero Points are Received
1. Every time a character levels up they gain one hero point
2.Role play your character extremely well (represent characters religion, heritage, behavior,etc)
3. Advance the story in a substantial way

Ways to Lose Hero Points
1. have more than your max hero points at one time (excess will be lost)
2. Do something extremely unlike your character (amount lost is up to gm’s discretion, penalties might also be applied to your character)

1. Your characters starting wealth is 30 + 1d20 gold pieces
2. Your character starts off with equipment whose value is equal to your character’s class’s starting wealth minus 50 and adventurers garbs.
3. Your character cannot start off with any masterwork or magic items.
4. Make a back story that makes sense and put it on your character bio. If I really like it you will be awarded 2 hero points. If it’s okay then you will get 1. If it’s bad or non-existent then you get none. If you don’t get 2 hero points then you can rewrite your story.
5. The characters stats start at 10 each and you have 15 points to allocate to your stats.
6. Your stats cannot be reduced below 7
7. Your character may not start off with any exotic weapons

Death of Inthrail

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